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Bahrain ❀ Spicy Baked Fish with Sweet Muhammar Rice

As I sit writing this, our apartment is still fragrant with the memory of today’s Bahraini lunch.  The garlicky and citrussy flavours of the baked fish mingle with the rosewater, cloves and cardamom that scented the sweet rice we served with it.  Today was a bumper day, and the recipes not at all difficult to make.  Who knew that such a small and relatively unknown country held such culinary promise?

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The Bahamas ❀ Cracked ‘Conch’ with Rice and Peas

This week I plunged into the B’s, diving straight into the warm, briny waters of the Bahamas.  For a country so small, what a doozy it turned out to be.  As it turns out, Brussels is nothing like Nassau, and ingredients that are commonplace in the latter are well nigh impossible to find in the former.   After much careful substitution, reading and strategising, I bring you my unique twist on a classic Bahamian dish:  deep-fried conch.  I warn you – it’s not for the weak-willed or for those scared of strange seafood.  It’s served with a less daunting staple of the island chain, rice and beans – or ‘rice and peas’ as it’s known in the Bahamian dialect.

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Azerbaijan ❀ Four Seasons Dolmasi

After last Sunday’s rather simple recipe, this was a week in which my ambition almost got the better of me.  It wasn’t enough that I would learn how make dolma (stuffed vegetables) for the first time…No, I had to go and make FOUR kinds of dolma!  Well, my pain is your pleasure, so you can drool over the pics and recipe, and then decide which one or two look tasty enough to make at home.  Which will you go for?  Cabbage, vine leaves, aubergine or onion?

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Afghanistan ❀ Qabili Pilau

What Is It?

Welcome to the first ever Where The Food Is blog post! This week’s featured country is Afghanistan, first in the alphabet and also a country whose food it had never occurred to me to cook until today. That’s what so good about a project like this – it leads you down all sorts of delicious paths you never expected to find yourself on.

Deciding on a national dish for Afghanistan was easy – all roads of enquiry (to continue a slightly tortured metaphor) led to Qabili Pilau. Continue reading

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