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Belgium ❀ Cougnou

This is the cake I baked a few days ago as part two of Christmas baking season on Where the Food Is.  It looked good, tasted equally nice, and has an interesting backstory, but the fates seem to be conspiring against my sharing it with you.

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India ❀ Toor Dal, Chicken Tikka and Chapatis

INDIA???  I know – I did a bad, bad thing this week.  Don’t worry, I haven’t had a mental meltdown, and I do know that India does not follow Azerbaijan in the culinary alphabet.  But I couldn’t get to a decent fishmonger in time for the Bahamas, and this week also marked exactly 7 years (!) since Joe and I started dating.  So, on the spur of the moment, I decided to cook him his absolute favourite cuisine on the planet, which happens to be Indian.  So I do hope you’ll forgive this slight derailment – at least it’s for a good cause, eh?  To make up for it, I’ve cooked you an Indian trifecta:  yellow lentil dal, chicken tikka and the Indian flatbreads known as chapatis.  Pull up a chair and dig in…

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Armenia ❀ Harissa (Chicken Porridge) and Lavash Bread

Armenian harissa

I think I’ve found the perfect cold-weather dish.  Yesterday I saw my own breath for the first time this autumn, and I knew I’d soon be craving the kind of food that makes you want to wrap yourself in it like a blanket.  Armenia, where the temperature gets to -46 degrees celsius in the dead of winter, certainly delivered on that front.  And what it delivered was harissa, a supremely comforting porridge that is simplicity itself.

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