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Benin ❀ Akkra Funfun

If you usually read this blog for the vicarious thrills but find the dishes featured here too complex to attempt yourself, today’s recipe is for you!  After crossing heaven and earth for last week‘s extravaganza, I opted for a recipe this week that could hardly be simpler.  Our country today is another very small one, but this time nestled in the curve that West Africa makes when it juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.  In akkra funfun, beans, onions and a few other odds and ends  come together for a cheap, tasty and simple snack food–which, incidentally, seems to be exactly the kind of food that the Beninese excel in.

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The Bahamas ❀ Cracked ‘Conch’ with Rice and Peas

This week I plunged into the B’s, diving straight into the warm, briny waters of the Bahamas.  For a country so small, what a doozy it turned out to be.  As it turns out, Brussels is nothing like Nassau, and ingredients that are commonplace in the latter are well nigh impossible to find in the former.   After much careful substitution, reading and strategising, I bring you my unique twist on a classic Bahamian dish:  deep-fried conch.  I warn you – it’s not for the weak-willed or for those scared of strange seafood.  It’s served with a less daunting staple of the island chain, rice and beans – or ‘rice and peas’ as it’s known in the Bahamian dialect.

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