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Bahrain ❀ Spicy Baked Fish with Sweet Muhammar Rice

As I sit writing this, our apartment is still fragrant with the memory of today’s Bahraini lunch.  The garlicky and citrussy flavours of the baked fish mingle with the rosewater, cloves and cardamom that scented the sweet rice we served with it.  Today was a bumper day, and the recipes not at all difficult to make.  Who knew that such a small and relatively unknown country held such culinary promise?

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Algeria ❀ Makrout (honey and almond pastries)

I know I promised some fans a spicy couscous recipe today, but along the way I got seduced by some Algerian pastries.  They fluttered their eyelashes at me winningly, and I melted like so much warm honey.  I just couldn’t resist switching to traditional desserts for a week – hopefully you’ll find them equally seductive!

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