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Belarus ❀ Machanka, Draniki and Kvass

I have the unfortunate habit of biting off more than I can chew.  This is true in a literal sense – this week’s meal is rich enough to break all your January diet resolutions.  It left us well and truly stuffed – did you really think we were able to stick to the fairly sedate portions pictured above?

But I also over-committed myself slightly in a more figurative sense, making three different dishes for Belarus.  You can pick and choose between tangy pork and sour cream stew, crisp potato pancakes or the legendary Slavic beverage kvass.  Or you can go the whole hog like I did, and treat yourself to a full Belarusian trio!

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Azerbaijan ❀ Four Seasons Dolmasi

After last Sunday’s rather simple recipe, this was a week in which my ambition almost got the better of me.  It wasn’t enough that I would learn how make dolma (stuffed vegetables) for the first time…No, I had to go and make FOUR kinds of dolma!  Well, my pain is your pleasure, so you can drool over the pics and recipe, and then decide which one or two look tasty enough to make at home.  Which will you go for?  Cabbage, vine leaves, aubergine or onion?

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Austria ❀ Wienerschnitzel and Potato Salad

For the first time on this food blog, a country’s national dish is also a global classic.  You’ll find wienerschnitzel on menus around the world, with varying degrees of success.  Wikipedia lists 41 countries where some sort of breaded cutlet is eaten.  Done well and made fresh, these cutlets are a juicy, crunchy delight.  Done wrong, or left to sit under cafeteria lights for hours, they can be rubbery and taste more like greasy slabs of sawdust.  Austrians get billing as the world’s über-eaters, and -makers, of schnitzel.  The clue’s in the name, after all!  This week, then, was an exercise in learning about schnitzel from the best of them.

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Australia ❀ Kangaroo Steak Sandwich with All the Trimmings

The fun thing about Australia is being able to go totally off-road and play around.  Let’s face it, a country that puts pickled beetroot on burgers, barley in spring rolls and meat pies into pea soup is not a nation of food purists.   So my dish for Australia is an invented one, combining a kangaroo steak sandwich with the usual Aussie hamburger toppings.  Add to that a home-made barbecue sauce containing Vegemite and stout beer, and you’ve got yourself a sandwich fit for a hungry swagman.

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Argentina ❀ Empanadas

Argentina today!  A new continent, and a new set of taste-buds to be titillated.  Unfortunately, Brussels weather precludes an asado – the barbeques that many South American countries are so famous for.  Hell, it’s so cloudy here that the weather almost precludes decent photos!   So we turn to Argentina’s other culinary obsession: the empanada.

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Albania ❀ Gjellë Me Arra (Slow-cooked meat with walnut sauce)

Albanian cuisine is another new one for me – cooking methodically like this has already made me realise how limited my usual repertoire is, despite my best intentions.  Someone is always eating something somewhere that you’ve never heard of, or thought to cook.  Today’s dish is gjellë me arra, a dish of slow-cooked meat in walnut sauce.  Continue reading

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