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Belgium ❀ Cougnou

This is the cake I baked a few days ago as part two of Christmas baking season on Where the Food Is.  It looked good, tasted equally nice, and has an interesting backstory, but the fates seem to be conspiring against my sharing it with you.

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Barbados ❀ Bajan Sweet Bread

Never shall it be said that I won’t go far enough for good food.  Today’s adventures included rescuing a runaway coconut, and then laboriously reducing its hairy and almost impenetrable body to a fragrant pile of grated flesh.  But it was all worth it for this blog’s first venture into Christmas baking.  I’d been eager to get elbow-deep in spices and candied fruit, and Barbadian Christmas cake proved an excellent way to assuage this urge.  I’m not usually a fan of fruitcakes, but this lighter, coconutty version really hit the spot.

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Algeria ❀ Makrout (honey and almond pastries)

I know I promised some fans a spicy couscous recipe today, but along the way I got seduced by some Algerian pastries.  They fluttered their eyelashes at me winningly, and I melted like so much warm honey.  I just couldn’t resist switching to traditional desserts for a week – hopefully you’ll find them equally seductive!

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