“Laughter is brightest, in the place where the food is” – Irish Proverb

I’ve spent much of the last decade or so on the road, but now find myself remarkably settled (for the time being) in Brussels, Belgium.  I haven’t left my wanderlust behind completely, however, so will be travelling from the comfort of my little kitchen.  This blog is the first step.  I plan to cook a ‘national’ dish from every country in the world, starting with Afghanistan and ending with Zimbabwe.

The challenge 196 countries (more or less) and 196 dishes.  One each week, in alphabetical order.  I’m aiming for the most well-known dishes from each place, but am also willing to experiment with particularly compelling and less-known foods.  I’ll be asking readers for suggestions each week before setting off on my new culinary expedition.  I’ll also try to include some of the cultural and even political dimensions of the food I’m cooking each week, as I’m really interested in the sociology of food.

My co-eater, technical support and taste-taster will be my long-suffering but good-eating husband Joe.

Go to map to see which countries I have already done. (A quick note on what constitutes a ‘country’.  This is bound to be controversial, but I’ll be going more or less by countries that are members of the UN.  However, I reserve the right to go ‘offroad’ if I feel like it, and to even include two dishes if the country is particularly huge and its cuisine particularly varied).

Join me on my quest to track down the ingredients and recreate the recipes of some of the most iconic dishes on the planet.  Let’s see how our fellow earthlings eat!

– Elle

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