Out to Lunch

Photo courtesy of Noel Feans @ Flickr


I know I’ve been terribly silent the last few weeks, and there are a few more weeks of silence to come.  Unexpected circumstances have made it difficult to keep up the cooking, eating and blogging, but I promise I’ll be back and raring to go – with a better explanation for my absence – soon enough.  Until then, happy eating and I’ll see you all soon!  xx

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7 thoughts on “Out to Lunch

  1. Helga-Bára says:

    Hi there ! I miss your exploratory cooking. Now that the absence has been officially explained, feel free to continue the galore :-)

    • Hi Helga-Bara! Thanks for the kind words of encouragement – yes, I should continue, and I’m going to try to as soon as possible. Just have to decide whether I should wait until the dissertation’s submitted or restart over the summer. Stay tuned for an update, and thanks for kicking my ass a little to get me thinking about this again!

      • Alexander says:

        You never started it again! I was looking forward to use your recipies to spice up my soon-to-be college life

      • Thanks Alexander! I’d love to start the blog again – what I never did explain on here is that my absence was mainly due to having a baby and submitting my PhD dissertation all in the same year, and as you can imagine life continues to be pretty busy with a 6-month old! But if I do manage to start it again it will be because I knew I was useful to people like yourself, so your words of encouragement do mean a lot.

  2. Alexander says:

    Ouch, that must be very stressful, to say the least, but at the same time very worth it. I look forward to seeing you carry on with the dishes and the blog in general.

  3. Helga-Bára says:

    knock knock, I think the show must go on. How about one a month, in any random alphabetical order ? I will happily assist with I(celand), F(iji) and even N(auru) :-)

    • Aah, Helga-Bara, you make a compelling case…life seems like it’s about to get even more hectic at the moment, but you’re right that perhaps it doesn’t have to be all or nothing…

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